Wednesday, September 17, 2014


when your mirror only shows you what it WANTS you to see, how
 do you believe your own eyes???

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Nun

a dark secret shared between five friends who attend a catholic school.
trying to figure
out if this Nun was more terrifying alive, or dead . well the girls/students from her former Catholic school will find out. you reap, what you sew.


a massacre has taken place, the only evidence the police have is a video of what took place. but can they trust what they see??? a deadly game of who did it...........and why???

13 sins

down on your luck, dead end job, pregnant girlfriend, dad loses his home, brother with special needs going to an institute if you cant find the money to pay for him. just when you thought your world would come crashing down......... a mysterious caller informs you of an opportunity to NOT ONLY make enough money, but to make 4.5 MILLION dollars. all you have to do is complete 13 "tasks". this caller also informs you that if you fail any of the tasks or stop participating lose EVERYTHING, even the money you've already made. 13 tasks equals.......13 Sins!!! how far would YOU go for 4.5 Million dollars???