Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Django Unchained (2013) Wombat Review

This remake came as a very nice surprise. Tarantino's Inglourous Bastards left me feeling unsatisfied at the end of it. I felt that the dialog was to drawn out and the slow pace of the film made me lose interest in the characters. The grind house pictures where hit or miss with most of them feeling like they where a bit to drawn out. This is not the case with Django by far.

With remakes most of the time they tend to be a big miss. The remake of last house on the left is a very good example of this. When I first saw the trailer for this film I was very skeptical about it but decided to give it a try anyways and it was worth it. While not tied into the original film this one follows the same anti-hero story and even has a cameo by Franco Nero. The cast of characters where vile but with a comic twist. Everyone in this had their A game on and nailed each part especially DeCaprio whose method acting has evolved into something that is unique and masterful. The one character who made me laugh the most was Samuel L. Jackson who could give Uncle Ruckus from the Boondocks a run for their money.
The face of candy land

The music in this film was a nice blend of old school and new school song writing. The theme song was the same to add to the myth of Django however as the film progresses hip-hop takes the stage and adds a new level of feeling to each of the epic gun fight scenes. The bounce between the two helped the film flow organically throughout the story.
This man will have you laughing til you pass out

This is a film for those who like badass mother fuckers or enjoy good old fashion film making. Tarinto did a great job on this from the use of color to the creation of a story that is fit to join the ranks of the spaghetti western genre that far to often is overlooked but has within it a gold mine of classic film making.

The man the myth the legend