Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Experimental and Surreal films

A genre that seems to be all but gone is that of the experimental film. These where mostly shot during the 60s and 70s and many different directors have started off by doing this. Alot of them tend to be more on the surreal side and for the most part they are geared towards art students and fellow directors. While these films may cross over into the surreal aspect the two are still different. Generally speaking experimental films are short almost clips trying to convey a message more through imaginary instead of words.

An early example of an experimental film is Un Chein Andaulo, or the Andalusian Dog by Luis Buneul.
While this film is boarder line experimental it's a bit to long to be in that category and it follows the basic steps of a silent picture. No doubt this is a big inspiration for most of the directors who crossed this thresh hold it still stands in the surreal group.

David Lynch is one director who is known for his experimental flicks. Lynch is known for his surreal movie Earserhead, which is about a man getting thrown into a world he really wasn't ready for.

 While he didn't get overly well known for them they are still an interesting watch. With some being better than others they paint an interesting world that while at times maybe hard to explain still intrigue the mind.
One of my personal favorites is Kennith Anger. Anger never made it big time like most Hollywood directors but the occult themes and blatant satanism sets him apart from most directors. His niche in film is color. Watching one of his films is like a pyschidilc trip into a strange and surreal world. Scorpio Rising is the film he is best known for. Scorpio is about a gay nazi biker whose world is that in which sexual delight and pain is blurred that has a heavy use of symbolism through out the whole thing.
One of Anger's more over looked film is Lucifer Rising. This comes off as a strange collage of colors coming out of ancient Egypt but as it progresses one sees progression of an ancient religion up into modern days and how the portal of it now a days is not quite what it seems.

John Waters is an interesting case in this genre. The king of filth made a string of films that where made to shock the person. Leaning more towards sexual side of things waters likes to not only shock the senses but also to make you think twice about certain "taboo" things. Hag in a Black Leather Jacket was his first film to come out that set him apart from most other directors of the time.

Sadly you-tube doesn't have the video or trailer up for Hag and blogger won't let me use another source so this is the closest thing I could get to for an explanation. I think more filmmakers need to start going in this direction and revive a genre that is all but almost dead.