Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Loved Ones(2009) Wombat Review

Recently a lot of movies have had this low bar cookie cutter feel to them. Most horror flicks that have been coming out have gone more for the instant shock value rather than a story that paints a full picture. The Loved Ones however was a nice blend of a teen coming of age story and slasher flick.

Robin McLeavy's performance as Lola was terrifying. She takes being rejected by your high school crush to a new level. Her family in it was very Texas Chainsaw massacre and had the same feel you get from watching the movie Woman. The twist that comes up while it is a bit on the predicable has it's own unique flair to it as to not call it cliche.

The film starts as every movie about high school students starts. Happy kids in loving relationships in an almost bubble of the world around them.This does not last long however. Once the rejection happens things begin to spiral out of control and fast. It all leads up to an ending that should have you laughing alittle bit and maybe make you afraid for your children come prom time.
High school can be such a bitch

In tradition of the Aussie exploitation films there is a car chase scene that combined with the shaky camera gives a feel of a predator to the what appears to be mild mannered daddy. There is also a lot of subtle dark humor scattered through out the entire film that helps break the tension which is forever building through out the entire flick. This is a film that a horror buff would enjoy thoroughly and make cringe those not use to horror genre.