Tuesday, January 8, 2013

True Blood (HBO Show) Wombat Review

Here is a TV show that could go somewhere but yet always seems to fall short. The premise of it is not a bad idea. Vampires trying to co-exist with humans and the split it causes. While there are many sub stories going on the main one or at least the one I think is the main one is that of Bill and Sookie. Bill being a powerful vampire falls for Sookie who can't make up here mind on if she wants Bill or his enemy Eric. Seems like a new addition to the Twilight series doesn't it?

The sub stories are the parts that make the show interesting. Weather it's a civil war among st the vampires or an out side threat coming in to the picture things tend to always boil over in a bloody battle. Which should not be issue. Sadly it kind of is tho. A lot the show the start telling one story than without really finishing it the jump to the next so much so that the characters in the show almost act as confused as the person watching it is.One minute vampires are battling it out the next an orgy is happening in the woods and the person hosting it must be stopped. The show does this a couple times every season.

Nudity in a show or movie shouldn't be a bad thing however when ever it pops up in the show everything gets put on hold until the creepy guy watching has had his fill. The main characters are overly dramatic about small things and way to calm about things that should matter. A few of the "good" characters you end up hating because of their non-stop whining and when a character you do like pops up they're almost gone just as fast.

The show does have some ups to it tho. Some of the story lines if allowed to play out would make for a good watch. The graphic nature of the fights are what one would expect from demons and other such forces battling one another. V also seems like a fun drug to take and kill a boring afternoon with. How ever the Twilight for adults thing is what really throws this show off and at points makes it a mission to sit through.