Thursday, April 18, 2013

Wombat Review Dark House (2009)

At the scene of a gruesome murder a group of would be actors and actresses are partaking in a new kind of film experiance. One that uses holograms to scare the group staying at the house. Everythingis going fine until a ghost gets in the machine.

When I first came across this film my first thought was it was a cheap knock off. It had a House on Haunted Hill vibe with a producer who had a Vincent Price feel. The holographic ghosts reminded me of 13 ghosts.

However this was an enjoyable film. It held true to its roots and didn't really knock off the two films I stated before as bad as I was expecting. The ending also caught me off gaurd especially since the last string of ghost flicks where along the grudge. This is a film you should definatly add to any horror movie night you are planning you won't be disapointed.