Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Movie Defragmenting: Clay Matcher (Review)

Some times after you finish watching a particularly intense, taut, convoluted and complex thriller....movies that really drag you through the ringer, flicks like the Departed or needs to defrag with something a bit more....simple. Something slightly more rudimentary, something that doesn't require an emotional investment. While one can watch Requiem for a Dream whenever they want, the question is, how often does one really want to watch Requiem for a Dream? 

In any case, after watching a particularly heavy movie the other day, I needed a break from the dark and the gritty. Upon looking through the internet for a cure for my blues, I stumbled upon a website called eduxtiv, all kinds of free games, free games with an educational slant, mind you. Being a parent, I had to look through the titles, so I could later pass them along to my kin, but I'd be a lyer if I didn't admit that I totally got sucked into playing a game called Clay Matcher for a good, uninterrupted 45 minutes.

Instead of analyzing that final monologue the protagonist gave, instead of trying to rationalize the ridiculous plot twist that came in the back end of the 2nd act of the movie, I was rearranging colored tiles, feeling nostalgic for the simplicity of life in the days I would play Tetris, Snood, and Klax for hours on end, infinitely amused, without a care in the world.

While Clay Matcher is extremely simple, it actually requires a bit of strategy and planning, more than you'd expect at first glance. Upon getting close the completion of my first game, I realized I had cleared my way into a corner - all that was left were four columns, each two rows deep, with no possible combinations to clear the rest of the tiles and complete my one, simple task. Instead of flying through and making instantaneous selections the next game, I chose my path more selectively, and actually cleared the entire board instead of floundering at the end, lost with my mind in a daze, perplexed to see no possible combinations left.

The only issue I had with the game was it was a bit laggy - one would figure a premise this simple wouldn't lag at all. But some times it would take three clicks to get tiles to switch. That didn't stop me from playing Google Website for a good half hour or more, though. Highly recommend this site for the kids.